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Propane Fire Training Area

The Propane Fire Training pad is made up of a series of Live Fire Props. All valves are live and although can be shut off by an Instructor remotely are live valves and require the firefighter to close the valve to turn off the fuel source.

The props include the following:

  • 1,000-gallon Propane tank with two valves and a relief valve controlled by the instructor.
  • 40 lb. and 100 lb. Propane Tanks with separate valves.
  • Multi-valve prop with three separate valves and types of fire.
  • Small Propane tank with a single Propane valve and pipe leak.
  • Two valve pipe leak, which simulates closing an active system by isolation both sides of the fire.
  • Small Pan and obstacle fire simulating a spill fire in containment and an active leak.
  • Propane Tree with a single valve isolation at the base of the tree.
  • Small Dumpster fire.
  • Large Dumpster fire.
  • Vehicle fire.
Propane Tank Fire
Propane Tank Fire
40 lb. Propane Tank Fire
40 lb. Propane Tank Fire
100 lb. Propane Tank Fire
100 lb. Propane Tank Fire
Propane Night Training
Propane Night Burn Training
Propane Fire Two Valve Backfeed
Propane Fire Multi Valve
Propane Fire Tree

The Dumpster Props have grating installed at the water level to allow for the use of trash hooks to manipulate the material during extinguishment training.

Propane Fire Dumpster
Grating Allows for Class A Material Work

The Vehicle Fire Prop can be set up with various types of configurations including separate compartment fires each controlled separately by the instructor. The vehicle is constructed with a fire wall between each compartment. The vehicles can also burn Class A materials.

Car Fire Prop
Car Fire Prop
Car Fire Prop

Training Resources:

MAAC Propane Prop Safety Checklist Rev 1

MAAC Propane Fire Extinguisher Safety Checklist Rev 1

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