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When an emergency happens in front of you, will you be a bystander or responder?

First on the Scene is a nationally recognized program that turns bystanders into responders.
The training covers how to recognize and treat life threatening injuries and illnesses. Through lecture and hands-on training, Students will learn to:

  • Activate the Emergency response system
  • Perform CPR, and use an AED
  • Use Epi auto-injectors for allergic reactions
  • Administer Narcan for Overdoses
  • Position an unconscious victim
  • Control major bleeding through pressure, bandaging, and tourniquets
  • Treat trauma to the chest
  • Move patients safely

This is a basic to intermediate class, geared towards people with no medical training, or as a refresher for medically trained responders. (Police, Fire, EMS, Security, School Response teams, Lifeguards, camp counselors, etc.) Classes can also be tailored to groups of students to meet their specific needs.

This class is intended for initial training of Non-medical responders. (Police, Fire, Crisis Response staff, Prepared Citizens, etc.) And can also serve as Continuing Education/ Refresher material for medical responders.

Instructor: Todd Konradi, [email protected]

Upcoming Classes

No upcoming classes at this time.

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