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The Village

Overall Drawing Layout

One Story

Hybrid container three-bedroom home with a full crawlspace and partial attic space

One Story - Floor Plan

1,200 sq ft. Living Area

One Story - Crawlspace

Crawlspace has two access points from the inside and two access points from the outside

Two Story

Hybrid container four-bedroom home with a full basement and half height attic space

Two Story - First Floor

  • 2,240 sqft. Living Area
  • Unfinished Basement

Two Story - Second Floor

Second floor with multiple doors and room configurations

Two Story - Basement

Two interior stairs & one exterior stairs plus multiple window hatch access points

Two Story - Attic

Attic has two types of access, Stairs and Push Up opening

Garage Classroom

Fully Functioning Classroom within the Village

Student CAnopy

Other Features

  • Dual Entrance Doors on 1 & 2 Story
  • Breach Door on 1 & 2 Story
  • Sims & Smoke Capability
  • Various Target Stand Styles
  • Various Vehicles on Site
  • Paved Roadways
  • Fenced Backyards

Future - Mobile Home

The foundation & infrastructure is in place for the Mobile Home

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