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SCBA Confidence Maze

The SCBA Confidence Maze is located in the South container of the 1 Story Structure.  The Maze is two levels with 44 cages and 10 obstacles.  Students will move between the lower and upper sections of the maze as they navigate the maze.  Instructors have access to the entire maze and can observe and communicate with students as needed.  Instructors can also access students at any time throughout the maze by lifting out the side panels as needed.

The obstacles include the following:

  • Wall panel with manhole
  • Wall panel with door
  • Wall panel with reduced passageway
  • Wall panel with sliding door
  • Wall panel with ladders
  • Wall panel with adjustable obstacle
  • Floor panel with hatch
  • Floor panel sloped incline
  • Floor panel with stairs
  • Tube section

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